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We would always advise to fit all carpets with a new underlay.


A quality underlay will improve the life of your carpet up to 40% which will save you money avoiding the need to replace carpet earlier than expected.

Please find the advantages of a quality underlay

• A good underlay will improve underfoot comfort

• Improves appearance retention – reduce pile flattening.

• Absorbs the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear.

• Improves thermal insulation of your home helping you with those expensive energy bills.

• Increases sound insulation

• Smooths out floor imperfections and will last the lifetime of your carpet

Types of Underlay

Sponge Rubber
Performs well for comfort and has durable spring retention..

PU (Polyeurethane) Foam
PU is one of the most popular underlays and is made from recyclable foam off cuts. PU provides excellent comfort and performance levels available in varying thickness options. It is a light weight product making it easier to handle.

Crumb rubber
Flat and dense rubber is great for heavy wear footfall offering maximum protection ut a little less comfort.

Combination Underlay
A rubber crumb base with a felt top layer offering a combination of protection, durability and comfort. It will also allow seams to bed into the top felt.

A traditional underlay is made from recycled fibres such as wool, jute and synthetic. It represents a firm underlay offering excellent thermal insulation. Very popular when fitting woven carpets.

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