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Which Fibre?

How to buy a smarter carpet? – Choosing the right fibre


The main yarn fibres used in the majority of carpets are wool, nylon, polypropylene and polyester. All these fibres have different characteristics and distinctive properties which are important to consider when purchasing a carpet for the right purpose.

Wool – Wool is a natural fibre and a great renewable resource. Wool is a hard wearing fibre and combined with excellent appearance retention is very suited as a carpet fibre ensuring the carpet looks newer for longer. Wool is used on its own or often mixed with nylon and polypropylene to increase its resilience to wear. Wool is easy to clean and flame retardant.

Nylon – Nylon is a very durable man made fibre which is used on its own or blended with other fibres. This fibre wears extremely well and is available in a multitude of colours. Stains can be easily cleaned and is resistant to soiling.

Polypropylene – The main benefit of Polyproplene carpets is that it is extremely effective in resisting stains caused by spillage. The fibre is hard wearing and when used on its own in carpet and is a popular choice for young families.

Polyester – Polyester is used extensively in long pile carpets like saxonies and is available in multiple colour choices. The fibre is light weight and very durable which is used on its own or blended with other fibres to reduce shedding.

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